Lawn Mowing Tips

It’s about to be that time of year again here in Jacksonville. The days are gonna be getting longer, warmer, and sunnier… and, of course, the grass will start getting taller.

When it comes to lawn care and making sure that your grass looks picture perfect, there are several different things that you, as the homeowner, can do. Taking a lawnmower over your grass every couple of weeks is simply not enough if you want your grass to look lush, green, and healthy.
For those of you who want a beautiful yard, but just don’t have the time to put into it, please feel free to give us a call here at Sunrise Landscape Maintenance. For all you “lawn do-it-yourselfers” out there, just a few quick tips when you pull out the lawn mower…

  1. Keep your lawn mower blade sharp. The best thing to do is have it sharpened several times a year (especially during summer). This will ensure a clean cut when you mow. When you don’t have a sharpened blade, you tear away the top part of the grass blade as opposed to giving it an even cut which dries out the tip of the blade. It’s the equivalent of your grass developing split ends and will make your grass look brown and sickly as opposed to the beautiful green you want. Professionals often sharpen their blades after only around eight hours of usage.
  2. Make sure that your grass is dry when you start mowing. This keeps wet clippings from clumping on your lawn surface, and protects your mower blade from rust.
  3. During seasons when your grass is growing rapidly (most of the year for us here in Florida), you should mow every week. During the cooler months of the year when the grass grows slower, every other week is good. Although, we don’t recommend letting it go for longer than a couple weeks even in winter, otherwise, weeds will start to pop up more frequently.
  4. Clean your lawn mower’s blade before and after mowing your lawn. This ensures a cleaner cut and prevents disease and rust from spreading on your lawn.
  5. To avoid the appearance of a messy lawn, don’t forget to pull out your edger and trim the edges once a week.
  6. One of the more painful facets of mowing is bagging the clippings. You can avoid this by simply letting your mower mulch the grass (provided you’re not cutting off too much). In general, up to three-quarters of an inch is acceptably small enough to mulch. Nature will kick in and decompose the dead grass, sending beneficial nutrients into the soil and helping your lawn’s health.. Be careful though, mulch clippings that are too long can suffocate your grass from the sunlight it needs.
  7. The last tip, on not cutting your lawn too short, I’ll save for a future blog post. It can depend on multiple factors, including the type of grass you have. Just keep in mind to never cut more than about 35% off the top (during the summer here in Jacksonville, it’s probably best to keep your mower blade height at the highest setting).

Best of luck to you in the new season. I’m sure your yard will be the pride of the neighborhood.

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