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Florida-Friendly Landscaping

A “Florida-Friendly Landscape” is not only beautiful, it is also environmentally friendly. Understanding that your home landscape is part of the larger natural system will help in creating a “Florida-friendly” property that is an asset to the environment, protecting natural

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Watering Your Lawn

Quick fact for you, the human body is composed of over 70% water… healthy grass contains even more water – from 75% to 85% of its weight. Interesting, huh? Water is extremely important for you lawn. Sunlight, temperature, wind, and

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Lawn Mowing Tips

It’s about to be that time of year again here in Jacksonville. The days are gonna be getting longer, warmer, and sunnier… and, of course, the grass will start getting taller. When it comes to lawn care and making sure

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Tips for Choosing a Lawn Maintenance Company

Choosing a lawn maintenance company can initially seem like quite a challenge.  With the many choices for lawn care companies now available, how do you decide which company will give you the best service and results?  Here is a checklist

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