Tips for Choosing a Lawn Maintenance Company

Choosing a lawn maintenance company can initially seem like quite a challenge.  With the many choices for lawn care companies now available, how do you decide which company will give you the best service and results?  Here is a checklist to help you select the best lawn care service provider for your needs.

  • Ask for a lawn inspection and a free estimate for service.  Companies that quote a price without seeing your lawn or advertise a certain per-time price are only guessing what your lawn might need.  Quality companies will only offer estimates after seeing exactly what they are going to be working with.
  • If you have time, try to meet with a company representative face-to-face to discuss your lawn so you can determine their knowledge and experience.
  • Remember that when you’re looking at different lawn care companies, you shouldn’t look at the price alone. Cheaper is not necessarily better.  For example, frequency of service is an important factor to consider (some companies skip weeks in the fall and winter, while other companies continue the same service throughout the year).  Dependability and level of quality are other key factors to consider.
  • Find out how long the company has been in business under the present ownership.
  • Be sure that the lawn care service is licensed and insured. Do not be afraid to ask for proof.
  • Check on the company throughout the entire time service is provided. Let them know of any compliments as well as complaints.

Letting your lawn be in the hands of professionals doesn’t mean that you’re abandoning it. As long as you take the right precautions and measures, your lawn will be in the hands of people who care about your lawn as much as you do.  If you’re interested in a free consultation and estimate, as always, feel free to contact us here at Sunrise Landscape Maintenance.

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